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Hestra is located in Småland quite close to the main road number 26 - also called “Nissastigen” because of the river Nissan floating alongside the road between the cities Jönköping and Halmstad.
Hestra lies about 120 km southeast of Gothenburg, 60 km south of Jönköping and 45 km west of Värnamo and belongs to the municipality of Gislaved.

Hestra is an important station on the railway called "The Coast to Coast Line" between Gothenburg and Kalmar/Karlskrona

Hestra is a quite small village, aprox. 1700 inhabitants, with a large industrial activity. The most dominating companies are Isaberg Rapid AB, VIDA Hestra AB and Hestra Inredningar. “Hestra Gloves” should also be mentioned with its aggressive marketing, helping to put Hestra on the map.
HEAB, with its famous “Dahlin” shirts is another example of good marketing.

The nature around Hestra invites one to enjoy an active outdoor life, e.g. in the nature reserves “Isaberg”, 309 m above sea level, and “Ettö” with its unique nature and vegetable kingdom.
In the winter the downhill skiing dominates with the most comprehensive ski system in the south of Sweden.
Spring and summer offer wonderful possibilities to rove in the woods or to play golf at one of the two 18-hole courses at “Isaberg Golf Club”.

Hestra Ski & Sport Club with it's five sections and about 700 members (Year 2009) is the largest association (excluding the Golf Club) in the village.